"helping people break-free
to a life of purpose, hope and freedom"


At the prison we are very grateful for all the help and support that FFLM provides to the prisoners when they leave us. We believe they are a great benefit… Many services recognise the good work done by FFLM and they are involved at a high level with the JMAPPA team and with liaising with Social Services and Housing.

Head of Custodial Care at HMP La Moye

Jim’s Story:

FFLM received a referral from the Prison to support Jim (name changed to protect anonymity) upon his release. We met with him several times before his release from prison. He had nowhere to stay, no job and had absolutely no support network. The statutory agencies were very concerned for his future due to his potential isolation upon release, and the possible increase of offending as a result.

Just before his release we found Jim accommodation so that on the day he came out he had somewhere appropriate to stay. We then met with him several times a week. Over time we helped him build a new support network and he began to make new friends. We helped him in developing various life skills and were there to support him when things became tough, as well as being there to celebrate his successes.

After a few months Jim was put on a work placement and has since been successful in securing a full-time contract. Three years after his release Jim continues to enjoy his work, has settled into a new flat and meets with his new friends. Although there have been challenges and difficulties to work through, he has admitted that he could never have imagined life would turn out so positively.

When you leave I never have a bad day and I always have a good sleep. I would have to go through a hell of a lot to have a bad day after I’ve met you. You have definitely been helping me.

Mr P. – Recovering Alcoholic

The FFLM team gave me hope when I reached rock bottom and everyone else seemed to have given up on me. …. Without their continued support I dread to think where I might be.


The Freedom For Life Ministries Charity has worked closely with the Probation Service for a number of years. We have been most impressed by the provision of a range of practical and emotional support for clients who are either trying to resettle in the community following prison sentences or require ongoing help in their lives. Our experience is that the interventions of FFLM are timely , relevant and appreciated not only by clients but also by Probation staff who acknowledge the important contribution towards rehabilitation. So often the provision of hope and the allaying of anxieties are necessary for clients to fully consider a life without offending. The
Probation Service commends the work of FFLM and looks forward to an ongoing partnership in the future.

The Assistant Chief Probation Officer

The work of FFLM is invaluable to those preparing to leave prison. Many leave with high hopes and some practical support but the missing link is someone to help keep them together as a person. What FFLM does is extend a hand of friendship which is both realistic & dependable, through the good times and the bad. They never give up!

Prison Chaplain

I don’t know what I’d have done without your help. Previously, I left prison with my stuff in a sack, a few quid in my pocket and nowhere to live.


I have felt encouraged and inspired by the vision that Kevin Houiellebecq has to establish an organisation which focuses on people whose lives have been broken and mostly through no fault of their own. His vision is to
enable transformation in the lives of individuals so that they are able to integrate into society and thereby contribute to the community as a whole. FFLM is being established on the foundations of excellent principles, sound values and models of best practice.

Grace – Caring For Ex-Offenders (Holy Trinity Brompton, London)